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Kelsey Irvine

Kelsey Irvine is an entrepreneur at heart and also the executive producer and founder of Violet Media, a company that connects award-winning directors, producers, sound engineers, composers, photographers and documentary makers to advertising agencies and brands.

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Violet Media is a creative matchmaker. We curate independent creatives to the right agency and brand productions. From filmmakers to editors, we know specialized storytellers and what they can do for a vision.

To us, all ideas are possible – and the right talent makes all the difference.

We pinpoint the right award-winning Director and build the necessary team from there. From comedy to action; traditional to experiential; scripted to documentary, there isn't a genre we don't cover.

Kelsey Irvine, Violet Media

Our Network

Independent Directors

It starts with your story.

And then we build from there. With an award-winning Director network, our storytelling chops span across all genres. From local to global talent, we're able to reach far and wide to bring the best-suited Director to the right story.

We align ourselves with like-minded talent that creates industry-recognized work for world-wide brands:

  • Bell
  • Pepsi
  • NABS
  • BMO
  • Audi
  • VICE
  • Leon's
  • Renee's
  • National Geographic
  • KFC
  • Recognized Talent

    The independent directors in our network are an award-winning bunch who have a lot of hardware to show for their globally-recognized work

    How we work

    We're here to produce tailored Director reels, provide Director options based on content scope and size, and figure out any logistics. We'll make you look good, too.

    Get in touch.
    Tell us about your project.

    Receive a package.
    In 24-48 hours, we put forward Directors.

    Give us feedback.
    We're happy to do another pull, no cost to you.

    Fine-tune the specifics.
    From contract negotiations to budgets, we got you.

    Reach out to get started.


    Besides pairing you up with the right talent, we can also partner you with the right production management team. Ask, and you shall receive.