Escape the city with Jo-Jo and her family to the Cottage. Nudists, midlife crises, broken hearts, mended fences, skinny-dipping and a bong. It's What Happens at the Cottage!

LENGTH: 22 min


Every summer, thousands make the weekend pilgrimage to their own piece of lakeside heaven. Every cottage has its own cast of characters – we know them: family, friends, friends of friends, those random people who show up at the campfire.

At the core they're our peeps –each brings a little magic to our summer escape from the pressure of jobs and our weekday grind. They can drive us crazy, but we love them to death.

With a tone that's a little Modern Family and a little Schitt's Creek, At the Cottage captures the weekend exploits of Jo-Jo, a high energy 50-something mom, and her cottage tribe of friends & family as they let loose and encounter yet another series of irreverent, unpredictable and chaotic events that can only happen at the cottage.

PITCH: Modern Family meets. The Great Outdoors meets. This is 40.

Join Mathew and Daniel as they rescue two Thai elephants from a life in the brutal tourism trade and begin a 500 mile pilgrimage from Bangkok to a sanctuary in Chiang Mai.


CATEGORY: Documentary

Elephants – one of the kindest, magnificent animals walking the face of our planet. Whilst years of protest of the ivory trade in Africa has lead to tighter control and sanctions, little has been done to highlight the barbaric treatment of the Asian elephants in the vast tourism trade in Thailand. From the moment these gentle creatures are stolen from their mother, they grow old knowing nothing of life, aside from how to exist in constant fear and pain. Abused, dehydrated and malnourished, these gentle giants know nothing of freedom. We marvel when we see them, but what happens to the animals when darkness falls? When they are walked around the first corner away from the popular tourist zones… Join Mathew and Dan in Thailand as they rescue two Thai Elephants from a torture-filled life in the tourism trade and lead them 500 miles from Bangkok to a sanctuary in Chiang Mai. With the support of an elephant specialist and a small crew, Mathew and Dan will spend 24 hours a day for three months with the elephants earning their trust as they bear witness to the mental healing process during their journey… TO BE FREE.

In a universe filled with alien worlds, we follow the adventures of Fuzzy Wuzzy as he battles the nefarious Mini-Witches with the help of two human friends, Nalani & Fred.

LENGTH: 22 min

CATEGORY: Children's Animated

Fuzzy Wuzzy is our eponymous hero, an alien ball of fur with cosmic powers! Follow his adventures with Fred and Nalani. From fighting witches and pirates, to rescuing psychic horses, to simply having tea with dinosaurs, our heroes travel through a multitude of worlds, each with their own crazy set of creatures and rules.

Though funny and adventurous, our show also has heart. It's about growing up and finding your place in the universe. We deal with a variety of themes relevant to young children and aliens alike, from exploring the world around them, to learning to build and maintain friendships! It's about working together to create a brighter future for everyone and teaching our heroes right from wrong in a universe overrun with danger! It's a show about a small fuzzy alien and yet it's every child's story of learning to grow up. It's Fuzzy Wuzzy!

PITCH: Samurai Jack and Gravity Falls meets ET.

Eleven suicides in the last month, all known junkies. None by overdose. Three murders in the last week. Each victim brutally beaten. No one is talking and the traces in each case don't add up but they do lead to one thing… Bittersweet

LENGTH: 44 min

CATEGORY: Drama / Thriller

THE BITTERSWEET is a one-hour series that follows a brilliant artist on the verge of greatness, his nurse girlfriend and the mysterious but deadly narcotic that fuels his inspiration.

After a chance encounter with a mysterious supplier who gives him a wonder drug called Bittersweet, Kyle breaks a year-long creative drought by painting several masterworks in succession. While Kyle's paintings begin to pile up, so do the mysterious deaths at his girlfriend, Megan's emergency room.

At the centre of our series will be Kyle, a talented but tortured twenty-something artist, constantly on the verge of success or self-destruction. His 'Florence Nightingale' live-in girlfriend, Megan, believes that with her help, Kyle can be a clean and creative genius. THE BITTERSWEET is an entwined world of love, lust, morality, addiction, and redemption.

PITCH: A modern day Jekyll and Hyde, meets Dexter, Sherlock Holmes and Trainspotting.

Unbankable: the poorest of the poor. It's a sad reality for millions in developing nations. LUKE WILLMS looks to extend his father's legacy knowing that entrepreneurship and philanthropy are the keys to breaking the Unbankable cycle.

LENGTH: 22 min

CATEGORY: Reality Series

LUKE WILLMS (Social Entrepreneur and former Charity Director) relocated to Africa at the age of seven with his family. During the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, his father began his research on the virus, later founding the Salama SHIELD Foundation. Twenty-five years later, the foundation has impacted the lives of tens of thousands largely due to its micro- finance programs and the 100% repayment on its loans from small-scale business owners.

In an attempt to highlight how charity is changing, UNBANKABLE is the search for the world's newest grass-roots and artisanal entrepreneurs, and showcases how a business idea, startup capital, a community mindset and a dream can enable anyone to pull themselves out of poverty, moving from unbankable to bankable, and changing the face of charity altogether.

PITCH: A Philanthropic Dragon's Den meets Anthony Bourdain's Part's Unknown.

After a car accident devastates his family, 15 year-old Adam is forced to move from the city to the country. Determined for answers, he searches for the reason behind the crash… and in the process, finds mystery, meaning, and maybe even unexpected happiness.

LENGTH: 44 min

CATEGORY: Drama / Mystery

Following a car accident, Adam Longwill (15), miraculously unharmed, has to leave his home, friends, and school in the big city to live with his grandmother, Grace (77), in the small town of Chase. He has to cope with the death of his mother, Megan (43) and the injuries to his father, Quinn (43) while feeling driven to find out what and who was behind the accident. Meanwhile, like every teen, he has to figure out who he is. The world he knew before the accident is now different and the transition isn't easy.

At least he isn't alone. Adam befriends Autumn (15), an over-achieving tomboy of demanding military parents, and Jackson (16), an inveterate troublemaker from a broken home full of them. Adam, Autumn and Jackson bond over their problems and become allies. They help Adam settle in, face hardships, and uncover the clues of the accident one by one, a process that seems to only deepen the mystery of Chase's secrets.

PITCH: Friday Night Lights, Stand By Me as well as S. E. Hinton's The Outsiders.

DogMa is a personal documentary about an obsessive mother's journey through the eyes of her conflicted son.

LENGTH: 73 min

CATEGORY: Feature Documentary

DogMa is a personal documentary about an obsessive mother's journey through the eyes of her conflicted son.

Everyday for the past 7 years, Sulakshmi Dasgupta (63) has fed 500+ stray dogs in all the major localities of Delhi, India.

In the process she has gone bankrupt, she has sold her wedding jewellery and she has isolated herself from her own family and son.

PITCH: DogMa is the story about a lady in India that has gone bankrupt feeding 500 stray dogs.